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Travel Insurance

It’s your life, your vacation. Protect it with travel insurance.Are you thinking about getting away this season? If so, you should seriously consider travel insurance.Travel insurance acts as financial protection for a wide variety of risks and emergencies. Not only does travel insurance safeguard your health, it protects you and your family from facing bills that can tally up fast.As a reality check here are some actual costs of treating medical emergencies abroad if travel insurance had not been purchased:
Male 74 Heart attack Denver $305,000
Female 49 Pneumonia Arizona $65,900
Male 21 Fractured jaw Australia $6,500 
Male 43 Severe sunburn Florida $185,134
Female 34 Abdominal pain New York $11,200
We’ve all heard horror stories about travellers who’ve had to declare bankruptcy after encounters with medical emergencies. With travel medical insurance, you have access to the best emergency medical care available without having to worry about the financial impact when you return home.See more, worry less! We’re confident we can help you find the most competitive travel medical plan best suited to your needs. Protecting your health and finances has never been easier.

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